Monday, July 14, 2008


I have not made any entries for a long time, I still am so computer dumb it's not funny. Well, maybe it is. So now I am determined to start writing on a regular basis. If I could just figure out how to show pictures!! My Mother is going to be 86 years old this month, a long time to live. She is a hard person to live up to, she has done so many wonderful things in her life!! She has raised 6 children and help raise grandchildren. She has taught school, cubs, girl scouts, campfire girls. She has held monthly workshops to help leaders with crafts, songs and folk dancing. She has compiled a huge collection of camp songs and now is in the midst of writing a how to craft book. Mom has made enough cookies to go around the world and baked cakes galore!! But mostly, my Mom has loved all of us, all 6 of us, through good times, bad times and terrible times. And we in turn have loved and cherished her!! There is no one in the whole world like my wonderful Mother!! Happy birthday Mom, I love you.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


This is what I do all year. Beading and hand embroidering. I made this piece for my wonderful friend Colleen Moody. I usually work with bright colors, this was the first piece that was mostly pastels and it turned out to be one of my favorites. Her house was recently remodeled and this goes beautiflly with her color scheme. Of all the fun things I do, these beaded pieces are my are my favorites!! I have done alot of them, some underwater, some of the night sky, mountains and even black bears. I love to collect the goodies I use in them, buttons(my fav), beads, sequins, trims, threads, you name it I think I have used it. Digging through piles of stuff, getting filthy hands and coming up with something wonderful to use!!!


This is what Dan and I make for the fall and Halloween season. Dan does all the hard work, creating, making, nailing, gluing and making more sawdust than you can believe. Then it is my turn to paint, decorate and glue on all the goodies to scare you. I take over the dining room with all the bits and pieces we have collected throughout the year (half the fun!!) For the past three years we have sold these at the Lazy K gift house at Orchard Nursery in Lafayette. My dear friend Anne Mercer, the most talented buyer in the universe, has let Dan and I sell these Haunted Houses at the Fall Fest they hold at the nursery every year. So, this is what we do for the fall.