Monday, July 6, 2009


I love bright colors. Many of the pictures I make are very bright and wild. This picture of a sunset is a good example. The pinks and oranges make me smile! This sunset I own myself and it is hanging in my kitchen, so even when the day is gray I have this beauty to look at as I eat my breakfast. But alot of people go for the softer look and I enjoy that too, sometimes it suprises me how much. Colleen Moody got me started on the softer colors, and I find myself looking for old tattered lace, creamy colored trims and old pearl buttons. And rhinestones, rhinestones go with everything!!!

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Zinnia said...

Hi Sweets! Thank you for visiting me and for your beautiful comments. I love laces too, and buttons. Oh, how I love buttons. The laces you have are just gorgeous! oxoxoxxo Zinnia